flush your mercury fourstroke

Flush Your Mercury Fourstroke

Cleaning your onboard motor from all kind of dirt and saltwater is one of the most important things that can play a huge role in increasing the life of your outboard motor. You must flush your Mercury Fourstroke and all of the internal passages of the motor with clean water, after every time you operate it on muddy or salted water, as, flushing will help protect your system from buildup of deposits that could otherwise result in clogging of the internal water passages.
We at Modern Boat sales and Service are more than just experienced boat staff, we want to make sure you have the knowledge and the support you might need to accomplish a task like this. So here are some useful tips & steps for the flushing process –

• You must tilt your Mercury outboard motor or even keep it in a vertical position while cleaning for the best results.
• You also need to make sure that your flush connecter is removed from the bottom cowl. The cover from your flush connecter must be removed followed by inserting a water hose in it.
• After you turn on the water, you need to give about 15 minutes to let the water flush out from the cooling system.
• You need to turn off the water once the flushing is complete and remove the hose from the flush connector.
• The last step involves reinstalling the cover on the flush connector and placing it back into the bottom cowl.

The reality is, this is a time consuming process that in the long run will add more time for you and your friends and family out on the water. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at 954-596-8946.

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