Lubricating Steering Linkage on Your Mercury Outboard MotorLubricating Steering Linkage on a Mercury Outboard Motor

When lubricating steering linkage on a Mercury outboard motor, it is essential to ensure a peak performance for your outboard motor. Here at Modern Boats Sales & Service, we think bringing you these easy steps and mechanics to achieve maximum performance from your boat is essential for long life of your outboard. Take a look at the following steps to make sure that your Mercury outboard motors steering linkages are perfectly lubricated –



  • One of the first steps you need to take to lubricate the steering linkages of your Mercury outboard motor is to rotate steering wheel to fully retract steering cable end.
  • The second step to lubricate the steering linkages of your boat requires you to connect the grease gun and locate the tilt lever grease fitting.
  • And finally, for the last step you need to connect to swivel pin grease fitting and lubricate using lightweight oil on the steering link rod pivot points.

Don’t wait until the cable steering of your Mercury outboard motor show signs of tightening, and make sure to lubricate the steering linkages on a consistent basis. Much like any other maintenance that you do for your boat, lubricating its steering cable is definitely not to be ignored at any costs. The only two parts you might need are a grease gun with grease and some oil. Oil the pivot arm at both ends, and connect your grease gun to the valve stems. If any any point you find one or many of the parts broken or missing during this process, consider yourself lucky. These parts breaking or missing out on the water would surely mean a tow back in and possibly high repair cost after the fact. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Modern Boat at 954-596-8946.