Quick Tips for Mercury Engine Cowl Care

Tips for Mercury Engine Cowl CareOne of the most important parts of your Mercury outboard motor that needs consistent and timely care is your engine cowl. So here are a few useful tips that can help you with the proper care and maintenance of your Mercury. These are our top quick  and overall outboard motor engine cowl care-

• Always make sure that the plastic surface is wet before starting the cleaning process as wiping the dry plastic surface often results in scratches.
• Make sure to use clean water and use a wet cloth to gently wipe the surface, and repeat the same process mixing up a little amount of detergent in the water.
• After you have cleaned your outboard motor cowl with a wet cloth, take a dry cloth to wipe on the surface gently till it is completely dry.
• Make sure to use a high quality compound and use it in little quantity after shaking well for buffing.
• The ideal way for buffing is to move the cleaning cloth in small circular motions with the right amount of pressure.
• Once the compound is set up and dry, again use a clean and dry cloth to buff the compound off the surface.

Reality is the Mercury engine cowl or engine covers shine won’t make anyone’s day out on the water go faster or last longer (time wise). It will though, make sure that your Mercury engine doesn’t get excess grime on the internals. Most importantly though, when that day comes to make a decision to upgrade boat or engine, there will be a tipping point on who will purchase your used engine. Now just like a car or truck, first impressions can not be changed. By letting your cowl fade and battered, even though you may keep your Mercury purring like a kitten, will get far fewer looks at resell time.