Generally, the smallest detail in you boat motor cold make all the difference when it comes to repairs. The boat engines that are available today are hundreds of times more reliable than the kind of engines that were built just 10 to 20 years ago and it’s difficult to see the signs your boat needs repair.  Still, you need to maintain them on a regular basis with basic with proper care to prevent any kind of last minute breakdown. Here are a few signs that your boat needs repair. Almost all parts for repair and service, can be found here –
• One of the most common signs that might be a reason for you to repair your boat is a problem with your steering, If your steering is having a hard time turning or is getting stuck, then it’s a definite sign that it needs repair.
• If you witness a consistent oil drip from a valve cover gasket, then this can be an indication of some kind of fault in the valve that needs to be repaired.
• If your engine is overheating, then it can be a sign that it needs some repair with its cooling loops.
• If your boat speed slows at the time when it needs to be in full speed, it might be a sign of some issue in your filters that need to be repaired or replaced ASAP.

There are obviously numerous signs and or/sounds your boat might exude when there are problems. These are just a few of them. Once again, proper maintenance and constant upkeep with brand specific replacements will keep you from being stranded in the wrong place at the wrong time. All motor parts should be tested, cleaned and lubricated regularly. Also, your battery and supplemental battery should be tested prior to setting out for a day on the water. For any questions on parts, call us at (954) 596-8946.